Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back in Black

What's good party people! Just had the laziest/ "productive" Saturday. I spent the entire day drawing in my pee jays on a diet of pizza and beer. Life is good!

I had a long discussion about all my story ideas with my buddy Shawn the other night. We mostly talked about how I haven't been working on them all that much as of late and that I should stop ignoring them like they where neglected step children. So I pretty much spent the entire day sketching and trying to redesign my first created character; Black Ninja!

I won't go into detail about the actual story (maybe next time) but the initial concept was based off my ninja Halloween costume my grandmother made for me 15 years ago! I've done a bunch of designs for this character over the years, so I tried to bring it back to it's initial roots. The original costume was black and yellow hence the color scheme, but I tried to give it a few traditional ninja elements like the fishnet shirt and tabi boots. I use to draw him a lot with a long red scarf, but that's been done to death with other ninja designs so I decided to forgo the scarf and give him a nice ripped hoodie instead.

This is far from being the final draft of the character as I'm sure I'll find areas to make the design stronger, but I'm happy with it overall. It's like I'm saying hello to an old friend :)

Later guys!


Finesse said...

Wats up with the Meta-Humans Story!!!!

Finesse said...

Wats up with the Meta-Humans Story!!!!

c15 said...

I haven't forgotten about it, lol. I'll do a group shot for my next post!