Sunday, November 7, 2010

Achievement unlocked: Take a year to update!!

Ok, first things first: to the people that actually follow my blog and support what I do, I apologize! I swear, by the Power of Greyskull, I will NEVER take that long to update again! You have my word!!

Whew, I gotta say though, 2010 has been a very...interesting year to say the least. Been going through a lot of changes lately. Sadly, none of these changes involved being bit by a radio active spider but we still got 2 months to go in the year so keep your fingers crossed!! Anyways I'll get into that next time! Right now, I think I owe you guys some sketches! I'm gonna be honest, 2010 has been a very slow year for me in terms of drawing, so this wont be a massive sketch dump, but I did manage to find a few gems here and there:

Some things never change, and my love for superheroes (and Megaman) is a perfect example of that! I recently tried getting into character design at work, but my boss said that, while I can draw, I need more range. Captain America and Megaman are my attempts at breaking away from my usual style, and going a little more cartoony! The others are a return to form, I really liked how Superman turned out, he looks animation friendly! Also, the Batman drawing just makes me laugh because that poor thug is about to become the caped crusader's bitch! This was inspired by the Batman: Arkham Asylum game that came out last year. So excited for the sequel!

I think anyone who can draw can relate to what I'm about to say: "Hey dude, you think you can draw me one day?" Earlier this year, I decided to make good on my promises and made a list of people I had to draw. It would have forced me to draw (and finish/color my drawings) more often and I would have made my friends happy in the process. Two birds, one stone! Well so far, I've completed 2 out 11 drawing of said list and I've got...2 months to finish the rest of them! No big!

...oh and John, if you're reading this: Yours will be the first one I finish!! Thanks for being so patient!!

Oooh, relationships! Let's be honest here guys and gals, we've all felt like this at some point, lol.

We all have our idea of the perfect mate, or in this case "Dream girl". Let me introduce you to mine!! She's fully decked out in the latest of geek chic fashion, and she comes baring gifts: comic books, video games, and (in my opinion) the coolest pop culture reference a girl could use to introduce herself! (If this looks/sounds like anyone you know, hook a brotha up!!)

**bonus points if you can point out all the geeky references**

I drew this a couple of months ago, and made a few touch ups before I posted it, and while I still like the way it turned out, I really want to redraw this, because I thought of a few things that could make this funnier, and a stronger drawing overall.

So that's all for this week Ladies and Gents! Hope you guys liked ma stuff, and I'll see you all...say, same time next year? OK? Cool!!
Just kidding...I hope!