Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm still Alive...

He he, remember when I said I was gonna be updating this blog weekly...yea...those where some good times. So here I am...a month 1/2 later with some new sketches. I've been keeping up with the drawing as best I can, what with working and graduating and all. Anyways, I wont bore you guys with the details of my life. (maybe some other time)

Here are the drawings:

Even Storm Troopers have friends...

No matter what you accomplish in life, you can never be as awesome as a ninja with an electric guitar! ...maybe Optimus Prime with an Electrical Guitar....hmmmm.

Some dude that does martial arts (most likely Taekwondo) I realy like how his body structure turned out. I was actually thinking of doing a series where bunch of teens practice martial arts and have them fight each other in school...then I realised there was a game like that out there called Rival Schools/Project Justice. The only difference mine would've had is more cohesive plot. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Sega's Blue Blur. Really he needs no introduction, but for those of you who don't know (shame on you) Sonic the Hedgehog's his name, and speed is his game. Wow, that was lame...I appologize for being so corny/ geeky. I'd like to say it wont happen again...but then I'd be lying to the 2 people who actually visit my blog, and that's not fair to you guys. Anyways that blue circle thing was my trying to do the spin dash he does in the game. I failed.

Here's another video game legend who shouldn't get an introduction, but will get one anyways. Capcom's Blue Bomber; Mega Man. What I really like about this one is that he's preforming an attack from one of my favorite animes of ALL TIME!!! Tengen Topa Gurren Lagann (really awesome show, anyone who likes anime even a little should watch it. Go on...I'll wait.) I'll assume that you actually stoped reading and went to watch the show to appreciate the drawing more, so now I can say this and not sound like an idiot...more so. Giga....Drill....BREAKER!!!!

A drawing i made for a friend of mine. She's the Booty Quaker. She makes earth booty quaking... AND no! Her shorts aren't chapless or see through!!

Hulk vs Wolverine. Hulk wins. Wolverine wants a rematch...and just to clariffy because everyone who looks at this seems to think so. Wolverine is NOT checking out the Hulk's ass. On a side note, The Incredible Hulk (film) was Incredible...yea i made a horrible pun, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

Some more Video Game Legends. Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter. Here's the story behind this one: When Street Fighter 2 came out, they played exactly the same, but over the years, the developers have changed their playing styles. They're similar but different. Ryu is slower but has stronger single strikes, where as Ken is faster and uses combos to deal damage. I wanted that to be reflected in their designs so I made Ryu shorter and stockier to emphasize power, and slimed down Ken to emphasize speed and agility. I'm gonna explore this kind of approach again in the near future with more Street Fighter characters.

It's the Spectacular Spider-Man!! btw ppl, the web head's new show is really amazing...hehe. Anyways, that's what prompted me to draw him...well that and my infinite love for the character. What I would give to get a chance to work on any Spider-Man show, comic, movie and or game.

This is another reference to a game I play. Although it's not as legendary as sonic or street fighter, Bloody Roar is one of my personal favorite fighting games. You have these people who come from all different walks of life to beat the crap out of each other. The twist, or unique game play element is that your character can transform into a half beast/ half man, and really tear into their opponent. One of my favorite characters from that game was Yugo. He transformed into a wolf, so I just swapped Yugo for myself but kept the wolf morphing powers.

...and Last but not Least, is this little collage of all my favorite or most influential fictional characters. This is pretty much what runs through my head when I'm not thinking of food, money, girls, or the meaning of life...ok I made the last one up. Anyways, I have a little game for you: See if you can name every fictional character on this page. If you do, i'll give you a cookie or something...I dunno. Oh and you get bonus points for pointing out the 2 characters that I made. Leave your answers in the comments.

Well you've reached the end of the post. Congrats, it was a big one ( I really need to update this thing more often) Anyways, I'll catch you guys (all 2 of you) later. Peace out!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a week!!

What a week this was. I got my marks back, so I OFFICIALLY finished college AND *Drum Roll* I got hired as an Animator, Yaaaay!! I start tomorrow, so it should be interesting.

Anyways, enough about my recent life changes, here's the art work:

These are the characters from my independent film. I'll upload it one day...when it's completely finished :p

Felt like sketching some spidey, interacting with people. The first one is with MJ, the second one is with my other favorite superhero, Invincible.

Hulk VS Spidey!! The Hulk's legs kinda bug me, as does spidey's torso, but I still like it.

Optimus Prime! I like the design but not the pose...and his pointing hand could be a little bigger. Oh well! "Autobots! Transform, and Roll Out!!"

Monkeys!!!! Don't ask why, I just felt like drawing monkeys...that moonlight as Ninjas!!! I think I'm gonna start drawing monkeys in different themes from now on. Cowboy monkeys, Pirate monkeys, Samurai monkeys. The possibilities are endless!!

So that's that people. See you all next time. Same Gage time, same Gage channel!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Proper Introduction

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Hov... err...I meanGage, Chris Gage, and if you read the blog title or the previous post, this is my sketch book blog, where I'll be posting up some of my artwork. I'm hopping to have a new post every week, so that should force me to draw as much as possible.

I guess I cold say a thing or two about myself before I start showing you my stuff...

Point form time!!

-started drawing at the age of 10
-initial influence was Dragonball
-took a comic book art course at the age of 13 and touched on perspective drawing
-moved to Ottawa later that year
-went to High School where I would continue to perfect my craft on various handouts, tests homework and desks.
-finished HS and started taking Animation in College
- FINISHED Animation (just last week actually)

So there you have it, enough of this talking crap, here's my stuff:

As you can see I had women on the mind (when aren't they) Anyways, I wanted to practice drawing sexy girls, so this happened.

Ever wondered what would happened if Ryu from Street Fighter joined the UFC? Well I did, and you wanna know what happens? Pwnage, and Epic Crotch!!

Random Akuma sketches, because he's such a bad ass!! (and yea, i tried to draw myself as him...I have Akuma envy...stop laughing)

Yay!! I graduated!! Too bad the drawing didn't turn out as good. Oh well, live and learn.

What a Which!! I really like the bottom one.

So that's all for today kids. I should have some more stuff up sometime during the week. Now to attack my bed!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Coming soon...!

Well I finally got a blog page for my sketch book stuff. I figured I would start one up now that I finished school. I'm hoping it'll force me to draw more often, not that I had a problem with drawing when I had free time before or anything, but a little motivation never hurts. Anyways, It's almost 5am so I wont be posting any artwork at this time. I'll do it later when I wake up, so stay tuned.