Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Proper Introduction

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Hov... err...I meanGage, Chris Gage, and if you read the blog title or the previous post, this is my sketch book blog, where I'll be posting up some of my artwork. I'm hopping to have a new post every week, so that should force me to draw as much as possible.

I guess I cold say a thing or two about myself before I start showing you my stuff...

Point form time!!

-started drawing at the age of 10
-initial influence was Dragonball
-took a comic book art course at the age of 13 and touched on perspective drawing
-moved to Ottawa later that year
-went to High School where I would continue to perfect my craft on various handouts, tests homework and desks.
-finished HS and started taking Animation in College
- FINISHED Animation (just last week actually)

So there you have it, enough of this talking crap, here's my stuff:

As you can see I had women on the mind (when aren't they) Anyways, I wanted to practice drawing sexy girls, so this happened.

Ever wondered what would happened if Ryu from Street Fighter joined the UFC? Well I did, and you wanna know what happens? Pwnage, and Epic Crotch!!

Random Akuma sketches, because he's such a bad ass!! (and yea, i tried to draw myself as him...I have Akuma envy...stop laughing)

Yay!! I graduated!! Too bad the drawing didn't turn out as good. Oh well, live and learn.

What a Which!! I really like the bottom one.

So that's all for today kids. I should have some more stuff up sometime during the week. Now to attack my bed!!


Chris Chan said...

Lookin good mang, you gots some sexy womens, sexy witch, sexy akuma and sexy you graduatin.. wait...

Keep it up man, and welcome to the blogging community! Now get everyone else on this ish!

Gage's Sketchbook said...

You have great sketches. It's wierd that my name is Gage and have been drawing since age 10 and my blog title is Gage's Sketchbook as well.