Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a week!!

What a week this was. I got my marks back, so I OFFICIALLY finished college AND *Drum Roll* I got hired as an Animator, Yaaaay!! I start tomorrow, so it should be interesting.

Anyways, enough about my recent life changes, here's the art work:

These are the characters from my independent film. I'll upload it one day...when it's completely finished :p

Felt like sketching some spidey, interacting with people. The first one is with MJ, the second one is with my other favorite superhero, Invincible.

Hulk VS Spidey!! The Hulk's legs kinda bug me, as does spidey's torso, but I still like it.

Optimus Prime! I like the design but not the pose...and his pointing hand could be a little bigger. Oh well! "Autobots! Transform, and Roll Out!!"

Monkeys!!!! Don't ask why, I just felt like drawing monkeys...that moonlight as Ninjas!!! I think I'm gonna start drawing monkeys in different themes from now on. Cowboy monkeys, Pirate monkeys, Samurai monkeys. The possibilities are endless!!

So that's that people. See you all next time. Same Gage time, same Gage channel!