Sunday, October 9, 2011

I come bearing Art Stuff!

What's up party people. I got some new artwork to show you and now that have some free time, I felt it was time to post it! But first and update. I got a Tablet PC, and took my first major step into the digital medium! Now I get to sketch, animate and post it up without the use of my scanner! I'm hoping it makes the whole posting on my blog thing a little easier and less time consuming. Alright, let's get to it:

I had a chance to work on a traditionally animated show for a few months, and got to work on a test for a fighting game. While I didn't land the fight game gig, working on both those projects helped rekindle my love for traditional animation. So consider this little 2 second clip the first of many more to come. I realised that doing action is what I love and that's the path I want to take with my career! I'll be cleaning up this piece in the weeks to come, but for now; enjoy a naked blue man doing a Kamehameha Wave!

He is vengeance, he is the night, he. is. Batman!! Just a few more weeks till Arkham City!! I'm as giddy as a school girl...pig tails and all. Hmm, I should draw that.

The next set of drawings where interesting for me. The first one was done for this project that was in development at a studio I worked for. They asked everyone in the studio to draw stuff for it to see what we would come up with. That's what I did, but I ended up leaving before I could submit it. The next drawing is of Sagat of Street Fighter fame. I usually draw the Shotos (Ryu, Ken & Akuma) so I decided to change it up abit.

Earlier this year, a buddy of mine and I where having a debate over who would win: Metabee or Megaman. We each did a drawing of them in combat; this is how I think the fight would play out. My biggest regret with this piece however, is that I was so focused on having Metabee lose and making sure he looked accurate that I didn't push the designs of either character enough. If I ever re-did this drawing, I would have more fun with it.

Here's a random zombie, cleaning while listening to music on his iPod.

And finally, last but not least, my interpretation of a Midi-chlorian. Also know as one of the dumber things to come out of the prequel trilogy of Star Wars. Acording to Obi-Wan, Anikan's Midi-chlorian count was OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND!!!

Haha! Full Circle!

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