Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Prodigal Procrastinator returns!!!

Hey wasup everyone. I'm back, with a nice lil' update, so I'll cut the chatter and get to the "good" stuff. COWABUNGA!!

I figured I'd start of with some Turtle Power. I used to be a huuuge fan of the turtles when I was a kid. Eventually, the Trasnformers won the battle of favorite childhood cartoon series, but the turtles will always hold a special spot in my heart. Leo was, and still is my favorite turtle. Why?? Because he had swords and he was the leader. (What can I say, I'm attracted to power). Raph is still pretty cool, if you're into the whole "I'm an emo guy who solves all my problems with violence" type. I like how they both turned out. I wanted to make them look more teen like, and incorporate the new 3D movie style in their desings, and I think the top Leo drawings shows this off best. As for Raph, well I figured since he's the most agressive and battle hungry of the turtles, I felt he should be bigger and have some battle damage on his shell...because he cuts himself. lol

Since we're on the subject of stuff I use to watch as a kid, let's keep the band wagon going with some more nostalgia inducing drawings. First of we got the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta from DBZ. I wanted to try and draw him in my own style. Not exactly sure what my style is yet, but if I where to draw him, this is probably what he would look like. The next drawing is of He-Man, the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE!! *punches the screen* lol, anyways here's my take on the big guy, as well as his alter ego Prince Adam. I never liked the fact that He-Man and Adam where pretty much the same guy, but with a tan and less clothing on. It's as dumb as Clark Kent wearing glasses to disguise himself, no one would fall for that. So I made Adam a scrony guy instead. I plan on fleshing this design out more in the future.

Let's face it. It wouldn't be a Chris Gage update without a bunch of sketchs of Superheroes (and villains). I have a few plans for a few of these drawings: I want to color the Joker drawing, finish the Baman sketch and possibly color it as well. I also want to redo the Hulk vs Logan drawing because I really regret not fitting the Hulk on the entire page. I also really like how Superman's face turned out. I'm reffering to the one on the right by the way. I'm gonna keep experimenting with different head shapes until I land on something that I like.

One of the things I love most about being able to draw, is that I can draw myself doing the most amazing/absurd things. I can be a wandering rogue samurai in one drawing, or surf an explosion, on a surfboard made of explosion in the next. I really want to color the explosion surf drawing, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little intimidated by the amount of works that's gonna have to go into this! It's good thing I don't know how to back down from a challenge. Unless I'm being challenged to fight Brock Lesnar...I have a feeling I'd learn pretty damn quick.

Do you know what Pacman, and Robocop have in comon? They're both mercilless badasses with extremely high kill counts. Also, they are made of gratuitous amounts of win!!

And finally, some random drawings!!
That's it for this month folks. I really want to try and make one last post before A) My birthday, or B) the end of the year. Anyways it's late and my brain is starting to stugle to make words sound pretty and stuff...that made no sense. Bed now! BYE!!
...and may the Force be with you!


Mike said...

Dude! wicked stuff you've got! you really love hording all your talents and throwing them out there in chunks eh?
I love the one of you surfing the blast wave. I'd love to see that shit inked!

TH3DEN said...

dude! nice post! Street fighter fever! Do an sf piece and put it up! :D Hit me back when you do, oh and get other people in on it!