Friday, July 17, 2009

I swear I didn't forget I had a Blog!!!

Hey guys!! So this is the part where I appologize for taking so long to update and come up with some long winded excuse as to why I didn't, but I didn't think of one so instead you get Drawings!! Muhahahahaa!!! 20 pages worth!! Also...Street Fighter 4...

Awesome :D

Le Enjoy!!! (I'm french!!!)

So me and my buddy Lubke had a short lived sketch night a while ago (I think we where watching Invader Zim, so totally not our fault) In any case, we had to draw a cowgirl and a Sad Grave Digger. Then I decided to add Megatron being jumped by some old lady, because I don't think we give our senior citizens enough credit.

I love drawing women. I just wish I could draw them as easy as guys and the only way to do that is to practice practice practice. So I went straight to the source. To any aspiring artists that read this: LIFE DRAWING IS IMPORTANT!!! The sooner you learn this the better, trust me!!

See even after all that it's still not perfect. But I'll get there...or Die Tryin'!! (inside joke...don't ask. I've been drinking) Also the girl in the Marilyn Monroe pose is holding a gun incase you where wondering. When this drawing is finished her dress, which will be white, will also be a little see through so you can see her gun...or guns! HIYOOO!!! *self highfive*

Time to draw some dudes...doing stuff...all action like. Yeaaaaaa!!

Hmmm who's this handsome devil I drew? He looks so familiar. Oh well, who ever he is, I'm sure he is both awesome and amazing in bed...and according to these drawings, very athletic. :D

Anyways, I've always wanted to be a character in a Fighting game, so I drew myself as one. I'd probably do Taekwondo cus it's flashy and cool looking, and Kicks hurt...alot.

It wouldn't be Gage's Sketch Book Blog without the appearence of some men (and Woman) in thights. The Clark Kent and Logan drawings ended up turning out pretty good, so I added them to my portfolio (and few other pieces on here as well)

Here's a lil' somethin' somethin' I've been working on for a few years now. The concept is a super hero story set in a not so distant future. I wont really go into it now but my goal is to make this into a web comic (eventually), and if I'm lucky get it picked up as an animated series. The design of the characters are based off of people I know (friends and familly) so who knows, if I know you, you might inspire a character for this soon to be epic tale of good vs evil.
So that's all for today folks. I know I keep saying this, but I promise to do my best and update more freequently. Anyways it's late, time for bed.
Ti'll All are One!! ~(Transformers G1 Movie)


TH3DEN said...

Great sketch dump man :D keep them coming!!

B.Gage said...

yo bro if i make myself a blog would you put me in the cool artist list? And awesome drawings by the way!!